One of the biggest collaborations of the year in terms of DJ star power is finally here: Martin Garrix & David Guetta’s “So Far Away” is out now. While Ellie Goulding was once on the record, and could have made it truly great, it features the vocals of Jamie Scott and Romy Dya, who still do a phenomenal job.

But, that’s really where the greatness ends. And let’s not split hairs, it’s still a good job, but there are clearly “good” and “not so good” parts of the song. Jamie Scott and Romy Dya’s harmonies in the chorus give us goosebumps, hitting just the right notes, and then the drop comes and… it’s “Scared To Be Lonely v2.”

Thankfully, there’s a lot of solid groundwork here on the track, so the remixes are going to be truly amazing. For now, check out the song in its entirety for the first time below.


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