EDM and R&B can go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or, they can go together like tooth paste and orange juice. The outcome really depends on how well artists can adapt to different genres, but sometimes magic happens. From Jamie xx working with Frank Ocean to Pharrell working with Daft Punk, EDM and R&B pairings have a ton of potential.

Here’s another EDM/R&B pairing, at least if one popular artist has his way: Marshmello and SZA. Marshmello tweeted that he’s “been silent for too long” and he needs “to do a song with SZA.” Marshmello’s latest collaborations with artists like Khalid—who even covered SZA—shows he can step out of his comfort zone, so a SZA collaboration seems right at home. SZA has exploded in popularity since the release of her album Ctrl, even going on to receive several Grammy nominations.

Will Marshmello get his wish? The jury is out on that one, but we’ll keep you updated. Check out Marshmello’s tweets below:


Photo via Rukes.com