While yesterday’s teaser on Snapchat/Instagram from Rezz said that her new collaboration with Isqa would be out December 12, her Twitter post only said that new music would be coming out in December. And since today is the first day of December, Rezz basically thought, “Well, what the heck! New music!”

This is one bait and switch that we’re not complaining about in the slightest. Rezz & Isqa’s “Psycho” is a terrifying blend of downtempo and horror film vocal samples that has the edge of┬áNorman Bates’ blade itself.

It’s especially nice to see Isqa getting some mainstream recognition, as well. The talented producer (who also goes under the alias No Mana) has an album due out in 2018 that should be nothing short of spectacular.

For now, check out “Psycho” below.


Photo via Rukes.com