There are a lot of incredible songs that came out as part of Illenium’s sophomore album Awake, not least of all was “Sound Of Walking Away” featuring Kerli. In fact, it was actually one of the first songs ever played out from the album, if not the absolute first, so fans have had the longest time to fully digest and come to love it even more.

Today, rising Texan producer (now living in Colorado) Subtact has taken the new classic and remixed it with a wholly unique twist that somehow blends dancehall, future bass, and trap. The drop incorporates newly chopped vocals from Kerli, though also keeps a large portion of her original vocals because they’re just so damn good. It’s bouncy and melodic in a way that should get any crowd moving in unison as their heads and shoulders undulate with the rhythm.

This remix is out everywhere tomorrow, but you can listen to it exclusively here on Your EDM for 24 hours!