Rounding off a highly successful music right now is UZ, who is not only leading the way with his boundary-breaking tunes but with his record label Quality Goods Records. This week he is dropping the official music video for his track ‘Bang’ with Stööki Sound, ft. Foreign Beggars and Onoe Caponoe, and we have the premiere below.

Read on to hear more about it…

You’ve had a pretty crazy year, and we’ve seen so much sick material from you and your Quality Goods Records. How would you best sum up 2017?

2017 has definitely been a busy year for me and my label: Quality Goods Records. I think we had the opportunity to really showcase our vision and signature sound with artists such Oski, sumthin sumthin, Ian Munro, UNKWN etc… We released my album a few months ago and I’m really proud of it. I feel like I’ve pushed my music to the next level; working with all the homies was super fun and a great experience. Also the remix LP just came out, and I’m really happy to have worked with the future generation of trap and bass music. These artists are so talented and getting better everyday. Most of them will be releasing with us next year. 😉

Looking back over your album release earlier in the year – which track continues to have the biggest impact on you as an artist, and which do your fans seem to love the most?

I like all of them! If I had to choose the very best, it would probably be ‘Inferno’, ‘Bang; and ‘Million Dollar Bills’ but to be honest, I love the remixes even more now. I like when an artist gives you his own fresh vision of your music by remixing it. If I look at the numbers, the tracks from the album that the fans like the most are ‘Bang’, ‘Lobby’, ‘Million Dollar Bills’ and ‘Inferno.’  If I look at the crowd reaction I’d say ‘Stockholm White’ and ‘Bang’ are getting a really good response.

We’re hyped to premiere the official video to ‘Bang’ with Foreign Beggars and Onoe Caponoe, and it’s an intense watch to go alongside a (literally) banging tune! Who thought up the concept initially? What makes it an important addition to the track?

We had the idea of a music video for that track for a long time and after speaking with the team, Foreign Beggars introduced us to the Entirety Labs team. Super talented people! They pitched us the idea and we loved it. The concept of the video was “Demons and Colors” and I think it really came out great! I really love the colors and locations they chose, and am stoked about it. The track is one of the strongest off the album and I really think it needed to be taken to another dimension by giving it the right video treatment: something dark/ dynamic and mysterious. It really adds to the track. We also did a special edit including the UNKWN remix at the end of the video. Look out for UNKWN!

Where was it filmed, and how long did it take to get it just right?

It was filmed in Margate, 90 minutes away from London on the coast, in a super artsy house. The people living there painted all different rooms with crazy colors and awesome home contemporary decorations like a leopard sculpture, kitsch 70s lamps and weird stuff like that. I’d never seen a place like this, it was such a experience. It took us a full day to film everything, We filmed it at the house and also outside on the beach, but the windy/rainy weather really made it very difficult for us to stick to the story. We made it, though! Everybody had a fun time and we got all that we needed, It was a really great experience. Special shout out to the whole crew and to the dancer Talia that performed in that cold weather, half-naked!

Your production style and the way that you run your label seems to push the boundaries of just releasing music – you tie in visuals, wicked video like this one here, merchandise and artist showcases in to the mix to make a complete package. Where do you see the UZ and Quality Goods Records brands heading next year, and beyond?

We are really more that just a label. Of course we release music but we like to work with the artist – secure features for them, we take part in the music production process, guide them, then we think of a visual concept that ties it all in. The challenge is exciting. And it is close to our heart to help new artists grow and take them to the level I got to. I just want to share my experience and knowledge with them: they are the future. I want to give back.

The Quality Goods Records team is small but solid. What makes us strong is that we all share the same vision. We think outside of the box. stick to our guns, take risks, are extremely picky and release fresh, edgy, quality music only. I really think that we are doing something unique and that’s why we have been successful so far. 2018 will be full of dope projects, I have some awesome music in the works and we’re going to throw our own parties, work with designers to develop original merchandise collections… Last but not least, we are taking it all to another level and will be launching Quality Goods MGMT very soon!


Get the ‘Layers’ (Remixes) here.