Excision’s festival Lost Lands became an instant favorite among headbangers from near and far this year. Now, it sounds like the 2018 installment will be even bigger, better, and louder!

Lost Lands will introduce sound camps next year, to keep the party raging on into the wee hours of the night. The concept is really cool, as applicants will have the chance to share their unique vision for music, decor, and entertainment with fellow festival goers. May the camps with best overall vibes win!

In an official announcement, Lost Lands explained the new Sound Camps initiative and how to apply:

After reviewing the applications, we will be giving sound camp permits to the crews that promise to bring the best experience for the Lost Lands patrons.

Applications will be judged on the proposed design, decor, planned musical content, size of team and overall organization. You need not limit your camp to one genre or style, but we will be looking to make sure a variety of genres and geographic areas are represented. Please note that even if selected to host a Sound Camp, a festival pass will be required to enter the campgrounds.

To the camp who threw the booty eating competition this past year — we’re looking at you! Get in on this!

Check back with Lost Lands in early 2018 to apply…

Lost Lands Sound Camps

New for 2018! We are excited to announce that we will be adding Sound Camps to the campground, so we can keep the party…

Posted by Lost Lands Music Festival on Thursday, December 14, 2017

Photo via Rukes.com