What seemingly would have been just another recent gig for Marshmello in Nepal, turned into an absolute nightmare that never happened — and now an investigation is reportedly underway surrounding the promoters who threw it.

Unfortunately, the DJ/producer came down with food poisoning and never made it to the event, but that’s just the beginning of what went wrong. An uproar sparked among angry fans who paid a hefty amount to see Marshmello, and some proceeded to vandalize the club (videos here).

Police have been ordered to investigate the situation after seven individuals have come into question for potentially swindling money from the earnings of the Marshmello show. Fans felt cheated by the event’s organizers and the court prompted the Metropolitan Crime Division (MPCD) to get involved.

KTM Live Entertainment and 61 Live Pvt. Ltd reportedly sold tickets to the audience ranging from Rs 3000 to 7000.

Meanwhile, several arrests have been made in connection to the vandalism.

Marshmello is a man, er DJ, of few words in person, but on Instagram he shared his feelings on the unfortunate turn of events:

I love you Nepal! I have been excited for weeks to come out here and play for you guys and experience this amazing country. Unfortunately I got food poisoning and did everything I could but was in no condition to play last night. We are rescheduling and I will be back soon. Please know it was not the club owner or promoters fault, they did everything they could for this show. Thank you all ❤️

Marshmello’s Message to Nepal Fans


Source: My Republica | Photo via Rukes.com