A man was most definitely “on one” when he stranded himself in the middle of a lake in Orlando, Florida this week, leading to a police rescue.

The 36-year-old,┬áKyle Thurston, admitted he took a “large quantity” of MDMA before he stole a rental swan boat after hours, took it on a joyride, and posted up at an offshore fountain. He forgot just one small detail — to tie up the boat. While he was busy enjoying himself, the swan boat drifted off and he was stuck alone on the fountain.

After repeated calls for help, police finally heard Thurston’s pleas and retrieved him from his post. He appeared visably cold and a little shaken from the whole ordeal. When asked what he was doing, Thurston simply said he wanted to be with the swans because “they don’t judge him.”

We can all relate — swans never judge.

Orlando police are following up with the rental boat company to see if any charges will be filed.

Man Takes MDMA & Strands Himself In Florida Lake


Source: Fox 8