Dillon Francis opened up a can of fun when he dropped “Hello There” on the world, and now we’re being treated to five more delicious versions of the vibrant track!

Happy Colors, Generik, Rude Kid, and Jus Now & Dismantle all offer up brand new, flavorful remixes for Dillon Francis, ranging from tropical to trap infused beats — each with a hint of the creator’s own moombahton style.

While each is worth a listen and this isn’t really a contest, we have to give the best “Hello There” remix award to ETC!ETC! x Whyel for their totally unexpected “It’s not a phase MOM!” pop punk remix. The catchy vocal hooks put in place by Yung Pinch balance perfectly against the angsty drums and guitar riffs, making for a totally reimagined production that deserves the Pineapple Man’s stamp of approval.

Listen to all five of the “Hello There” remixes below!

“Hello There” Remixes


Photo via Rukes.com