Oh my! Don’t cry!

Any Run the Jewels fan knows each and every word to “Oh My Darling” by Killer Mike and El-P — but until now, none of us knew how ratchet the track could get.

Leave it to Flosstradamus to totally change up one of RTJ’s greatest hits, from a Jewel Runner anthem into a twerk-tastic, trap heavy remix. For this free download, lyrics from the Run The Jewels original remain the focal point of the production. Unexpected beat patterns, striking percussion, and a shit ton of reverb later, and “Oh My Darling” plays out like it never has before.

The hyped up drop balances out as softer Flume-esque background fills come into play. There’s even a repetitive “fuck the law, they can eat my dick, that’s word to pimp” breakdown, because why wouldn’t there be. HDYNATION and Jewel Runners alike will appreciate this one!

Listen below, get the track for free, and make sure to check out Flosstradamus on tour from now through the end of February.

Run the Jewels – Oh My Darling (Flosstradamus Remix)