If Nirvana‘s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was made in 2017 instead of 1991 — it might sound like a little bit like this! Well, that’s if the rock band decided to ditch their edgy sound and approach their best known single from a more dreamlike perspective.

For this new version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Autograf covers the angsty classic by reworking the familiar melodies into a chilled out groove. Queen Sessi lends an airy vocal performance to the production, keeping the overall mood light, though heavy with nostalgia.

Nirvana’s message is still there. The “hello, hello, hellos” still ring out just as hauntingly. However, there’s no use in comparing this cover to the original — because to be quite honest, Nirvana and Autograf are like apples and oranges.

It’s awesome to hear how bands like Nirvana have shaped the music and tastes of a generation. The inspiration is there, even if the end result sounds totally different.

Autograf – “Smells Like Teen Spirit” featuring Queen Sessi


Photo via Autograf