K?D-inspired tracks, this tutorial has all the tips and tricks you need to thrive at 110 BPM!

How To K?D” via YouTube user Dylan Tallchief runs through the two types of K?D tracks — the happy tracks and the not-so-happy tracks. From the distorted bass, to the energetic build, the glitchy nuances, the explosive drop and most importantly, the drum fills — this “How To K?D” with the best of ’em.

“This is basically just 80s music with extra distortion.”

As the narrator suggests, the key is to make your track sound happy yet sad at the same time. Another general rule of thumb is to add a bitcrusher and other types of distortion to pretty much everything. When in doubt, add a fill.

Although the video is riddled with puns and cheesy music producer humor, some of these tips on creating your own sounds through various plug-ins, composing interesting arrangements, and manipulating the overall vibe of a track are seriously invaluable.

Watch “How To K?D” here — but remember, it’s best to be original.

How To K?D