We all have that one song that when it comes on in the car, we find it unbelievably difficult to control how fast we’re going. Usually it’s a faster tempo that causes us to be a little more reckless with our speed, or sometimes it’s just a really hype song that you can’t help but get down to.

But how do you determine the ‘most dangerous’ songs to listen to while driving? Spotify’s most streamed songs were analyzed by comparison website Confused.com, to find the “most dangerous” based on beat and tempo.

Stormzy’s “Big For Your Boots” was found to be the most dangerous song among all on the streaming service, followed paradoxically by Ed Sheeran’s “Castle on the Hill.”

And it’s here that you can see the flaw in the rote analysis – beat and tempo don’t always add up to reckless driving. I doubt any police officer would pull someone over for speeding and the following conversation going down:

Officer: “Sir, we caught you doing 53 in a 35.”
Driver: “Sorry officer, I was just jamming out to Ed Sheeran.”

Similarly, we doubt that “Slide” by Calvin Harris would inspire a fit of speeding.

On the other side of things, the ‘safest songs’ list seems pretty legit. Ed Sheeran, Kygo, The Chainsmokers and more are deemed unlikely to make you put the pedal to the metal.

Clearly this list didn’t take a look at any hardcore, which can reach tempos of near 200 bpm.

The most dangerous song of all time to drive to still definitely goes to “Ante Up” by Busta Rhymes.