Yeah, you’ve heard “Sandstorm” before, but you’ve never heard it quite like this…

During Herobust’s NYE performance at Republic in New Orleans, he had the bravery to drop this mental mashup between one of dance music’s most infamous tracks and Gammer’s new single “The Drop.” Of course, the nostalgia of “Sandstorm” was already sending the crowd into a frenzy. But as the track faded out to reveal a more bass-heavy selection, and then came back in at the drop…! The crowd went absolutely wild. And we would’ve been right there with them.

Check out the crazy mashup below, and let’s hope he releases a studio-quality version sometime soon!

Herobust – Live in NOLA at Republic

Is it even a NYE party if you don’t play Sandstorm? #tbt 🥂💥🍾

Posted by Herobust on Thursday, January 4, 2018


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