Following what was debatably their most successful year as a label, Monstercat is kicking their 2018 off in the perfect way–with a monstrous collaboration between UK hardcore legends Stonebank and Darren Styles.

Though their combined moniker Zero Hero has seen numerous releases over the years (including two big ones on Monstercat just last year), “Sky Is Falling” marks the first time Stonebank & Darren Styles have released a song together under their individual aliases. Because of this, numerous fans have suspected that Zero Hero may be no more, but the producers have yet to confirm any kind of disbandment.

Regardless of split speculations, “Sky Is Falling” is out on all platforms for the world to hear. The song sees Darren Styles & Stonebank diving fully back into the world of UK hardcore. With 2016 being a year of experimentation in different sounds for both artists, it’s definitely refreshing to see them kicking off the new year with a style that they are well-respected experts in.

“Sky Is Falling” soars high with its ultra-euphoric melodies, but is elevated even further with a solid vocal appearance from EMEL (Stonebank’s long-time collaborator and wife). This is – fittingly – the first time Darren Styles and EMEL have worked on a song collaboratively, but we certainly hope it won’t be the last.

In addition to being the Monstercat’s first release of 2018, “Sky Is Falling” is also the first track to be uploaded to the label’s main YouTube channel since they rebranded it to “Monstercat: Uncaged.” The channel will focus on EDM bangers and more experimental electronic music, while a second channel – “Monstercat: Instinct” – will host more vibrant, vocal-driven music. Click here if you’d like to become a founding subscriber of the new channel.

Listen to “Sky Is Falling” and download the track below:

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