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Cancer is a terrible disease that unfortunately plagues many in our society. It’s the second leading cause of death in the United States and the American Cancer Society estimates there will be more than 1.7 million new cases in 2018. Julie Greenbaum, co-founder and CRO of F Cancer, is one of the many people whose lives were affected by the disease…losing her mother to Ovarian Cancer when she was 19. However, Julie used her loss as a catalyst to help start something groundbreaking. In 2009 she launched F Cancer to honor her mother’s legacy.

In 2010, Julie started hosting parties in the U.S. and Canada to raise money. Since then she’s helped F Cancer raise over $1.25 million to help fund Cancer research. She’s also garnered the support of some of music’s biggest names including 3LAU, KAP SLAP, Matoma, and Martin Garrix.

“My mother passed away from Ovarian Cancer when I was 19. That was the catalyst for me starting F Cancer and is a big part of why I continue to work in the Cancer space. We’ve been really lucky over the years. Our artist involvement has been very organic. Each situation is different – some reach out to us or vice versa, but every artist we’ve worked with has a special connection to the cause and wants to use their platform to help us make an impact. We’re grateful for all of their support.

I always knew I wanted to work in an environment that allowed me to connect with others and build a platform that played a role in bringing people together around a shared experience. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to do exactly that with F Cancer, and feel tremendous pride in knowing we are providing an outlet for individuals to connect and unite against such a horrible disease.”

As F Cancer has grown over the years, it has become more than just a non-profit; it’s also become a community. That’s why the organization’s mission is to not only fund research and raise awareness, but to also provide support for all who are affected. All of this has made F Cancer the perfect match for the dance music community, where many artists also strive to make a positive impact in the world. We all need a shoulder to lean on, especially in times of crisis. Knowing there are other people going through the same struggle is powerful.

“Our wonderful F Cancer community inspires me everyday and I love watching it grow at our events. I believe everyone who has been affected by Cancer shares a common bond. I hope we are able to convey this message and the importance of coming together and allowing yourself to lean on your community for support during difficult times.

Losing my mother to Ovarian Cancer when I was 19 was an incredibly painful experience. In retrospect, I understand now that there is nothing more powerful than the gift of time. There’s no guideline to mourning, it cannot be rushed or manipulated. Giving integrity to the entire process and allowing yourself enough time to slowly digest the loss is extremely important and was very helpful for me in working through that trauma.”

Julie recounted a story of a woman who got in touch with her before the F Cancer meet and greet with Martin Garrix in Los Angeles. This was a beautiful example of the huge impact music and community can have on an individual. Meeting one of your favorite artists/athletes/entertainers can be such an exciting moment, and an uplifting one for those going through a tough time.

“Last year we decided to build in a meet and greet experience at the F Cancer LA event with Martin Garrix. It was the first time we were doing it and a few days before the party I received an email from the mother of a young girl who lost her life to Cancer several months prior. The mother explained that her daughter was a huge Martin Garrix fan and asked if she could attend the meet and greet to honor her memory. We of course said yes. When she showed up to the event to meet Martin she gave him a handwritten letter. I still don’t know what it said, but it sparked a raw moment filled with tremendous meaning and connection. It was beautiful to witness and has inspired me to continue setting up these meet and greet opportunities to allow our community to connect with the wonderful DJs that donate their time to play our parties and support our charity.”

Julie has created an incredible community and force for good in the fight against Cancer. Likewise she has also started leaving a mark on the music world as F Cancer events start spreading out to new places and working with more artists who also want to make a difference. Visit letsfcancer.com to find out more about the movement, upcoming events, and how you can help make a difference too.

“What inspires me the most is the incredible support we receive from so many wonderful artists. We’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with talented DJs who all understand the importance of using their platform to make a difference and who have all donated their time to F Cancer. I hope to leave an impact on the music industry by continuing to provide a platform for artists to support charitable initiatives and connect with their fans in a philanthropic setting.”