New Music Friday just got a lot heavier, thanks to Kayzo!

His debut album Overload is officially out today and it comes with a fitting title considering anyone who listens will be completely overloaded with Kayzo’s endless creativity, impeccable sound design, and an immense amount of unpredictabilities to come with it.

Although Overload has plenty of softer moments, it comes fully equipped with bangers. These aren’t bangers for the sake of bangers — these are bangers because Kayzo is damn good at making them.

We’ve already been playing out the first two tracks, “Follow You” and “Overload,” for a couple of weeks now — but that’s really not enough to brace listeners for impact. While true fans will not bat an eye at Kayzo’s unmistakably fierce style, Overload is sure to blow away some unsuspecting listeners today.

“Feel The Power” will break your neck. “Alright Then” will make you rage your face off. And if Overload were to dub its own anthem, “We Are The Monsters” is definitely the one.

Perhaps most impressive of all of this is Kayzo’s ability to deliver such an amazing album with his first go. Check out all of Overload below and let us know what you think!

Kayzo – Overload

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