Holy Ship! hit us up to do a photo diary with one of the artists on the cruise, something we’d only done once before (thanks Brillz). When they gave us a list of artists available, we jumped at the chance to have Snails present his aesthetic to the world.

Snails already has one of the biggest personalities in dance music, whether it’s “snailing” other artists by pouring liquor down their throats or demonstrating his undying love for tacos. Aboard a cruise ship with lots of his closest friends, we were expecting some pretty awesome photos – and we boy did we strike gold.

Shout out to Snails’ tour photographer Nate Vogel for the always awesome compositions, check out the diary below!

Disclaimer: the captions are Snails’ own words, and have not been edited to keep his personality and tone as genuine as possible.

Always love seeing these humans. Was great to spend a few days on the boat with them.

My favorite Riderz brother from another mother. Good times Jonney!

Played the first ever Jailz set (Jauz x Snails) and it was one of the most fun sets I’ve ever played. Claude VonStroke even joined in.

Ran into my cousin on the beach haha.

When the snail gets snailed by NGHTMRE..

Obligatory ship bass face.

Went b2b with 12th Planet for his Dubstep Dungeon party. Lots of bass music was played that night!!

JAUZ being EDM as f*ck bro!!

One of the sexiest moustache in EDM.

No caption needed for this one lol.


Good people, good times

Me showing john how to be canadian. Heyyyy!

Flanbongo on the beach.

New phone who dis

Hey John are you ready to get snailed!?

John – “Was that ocean water lol???”

Always great seeing my brother Chris aka What So Not.

The pool deck set was insane, was awesome to see everyone going so hard!!

Holy Ship blew my expectations out of the water once again. Thanks again to the crew, friends and most importantly my Vomitsquad for another amazing ship. Til next time!! Love you so much everybody!!

– Freddie


All photos via Nate Vogel