I’m not sure which one of my friends posted it first, but somehow I ended up with this remix from 1788-L in my tabs, sitting there from morning to night while I worked away on other releases and news. As the day wound down, I went through all the SoundCloud links I hadn’t had the time to listen to, and eventually I made my way back to this one. I hit play, and for the first 56 seconds, it was Virtual Self’s “Particle Arts” as usual, which is probably why the drop hit me like an absolute ton of bricks.

I immediately hit pause and sent the link to my coworker, captioning it with a hearty, “holy F*CK.” I don’t think I’ve ever so quickly sent a SoundCloud link to so many people at once – normally, I know about tracks far enough ahead of time to build up suspense, but I hadn’t found this track until it had already been out for four days. I had to make up for lost time.

Let’s get this out of the way right now: it needs work. The mastering alone and volume differences are a good enough starting point. However, any small details that required improvement were far overshadowed by the sheer insanity of the sound design and engineering that had been put into the track.

We won’t spoil the remix, except to say be mindful of your volume, as the drop is far louder than the intro. But apart from that… prepare yourself as best you can, and strap in for a wild ride.


Photo via Rukes.com