As BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw reminds Selena Gomez, she has 5 albums, 22 singles, and a lot of music under her belt… so how does she remember all her lyrics? Well, part of that is an ear-piece she’ll wear during performances, but Selena says that each song is a story and a part of her, so of course she’ll remember.

Maybe she shouldn’t have talked herself up so much so soon, because right off the bat she forgets the lyrics to her collaboration with Zedd, “I Want You To Know,” off his last album, True Colors.

Selena seems confident enough as the track is playing, but as soon as the audio cuts out, you can notice a look of terror wash over her face.

“Um… honey… it’s something with honey. Oh my lanta, okay, I’m gonna pass.”

Well, she’s sort of right. The earlier lyrics were:

Honey it’s raining tonight
But storms always have an eye have an eye

The lines we were looking for were:

Tell me you’re covered tonight
Or tell me lies tell me lies lies

Check out the funny video below.


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