Before this past Friday, we were reading that Black Panther was expected to bring in around $85 – $95 million in domestic box office receipts on its second weekend. Now, the dust has settled and the numbers far exceed what we predicted. All in all, the MCU’s newest film pulled in $122 million on its second weekend – only a 45% drop-off from its first.

To sum up, to date the film has brought in $404 million in the domestic box office in just 10 days compared with The Avengers which took nine days to reach the $300 million mark. Most impressively, it has the second smallest drop-off between weekends in the domestic box office in MCU history. The Avengers dipped down to 50% while Iron Man and Thor check in at 49% and 47% respectively.

Finally, Black Panther became the second film ever, out of all films, to debut with over $200 million in opening weekends, to not join the “$100m losers club” – or have its receipts drop off over $100 million between two weekends. For reference, the other films who have topped the $200 million opening weekend are The AvengersJurassic WorldStar Wars: The Last Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens with The Force Awakens the other film which has avoided the “$100m losers club.”


H/T: Forbes