Finding the best festival out there for you might literally be just clicks away!

Find Your Best Festival 2018 is an online app that allows you to do just that through your own musical tastes. Taking into consideration the artists you follow on Spotify, like on Facebook, and track via Soundkick, this new system figures out which music festivals were made for you this year.

It’s really easy to find your best festival. Simply choose one or more services to track your musical interests and when you’re ready hit “GO!” The artists that you’re connected to online will be instantly compared to overĀ 1000 lineups, with your best festival matches on display.

Turns out Electric Forest – Second Weekend 2018 is meant for me. So, I guess this thing really does work!

If I link my Spotify account in addition to my Facebook likes, things change up a bit. Electric Forest First Weekend and Second Weekend are still my 2nd and 3rd best options — but EDC Mexico 2018 would have been my best bet last weekend!

Finding the best festival for you is literally just clicks away — get started here!


Photo via Electric Forest