Most of the electronic community has been privy to deadmau5‘s combative personality online, whether via Twitter or streaming on Twitch. However, most of us can also say that we’ve never encountered his sour personality our in the wild.

The same can’t be said for YouTuber My Little Hobby, whose real name is Mike. Mike uploaded a video to YouTube recounting the time he ran into deadmau5 in Canada flying his drone, and Joel eventually got the police involved.

As the story goes, Mike got some new tires for his truck and went out to an area called Snake Hill, about 1.5 km from Joel’s home, to do some burnouts and get some cool footage. As the drone rose up the air, the trees and surrounding foliage interfered with the GPS and so he brought it down, recalibrated, and sent it back up. Still, there was an issue with the camera and he brought it back down to investigate.

It was at this point that deadmau5 apparently approached Mike’s truck and asked him what he was doing, telling him that he couldn’t fly a drone in that area. Mike basically told Joel he “didn’t care” and flew his drone anyway, but before he left, Joel went around to the back and got Mike’s license plate.

Sure enough, the next day, a pair of detectives show up at Mike’s door and begin interrogating him. But Mike stands his ground and they eventually leave without further incident. Mike went to get the police report but apparently deadmau5 hadn’t authorized his portion of the report to be public information (which is a thing in Canada).

All in all, it’s an interesting story and if you’ve got six minutes and change to spare, check it out.


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