Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” has to be one of our favorite segments or skits on late night TV, right up there with Car Karaoke, but noticeably meaner. This week aired the 4th edition of the music-related mean tweets, featuring artists you know and (kind of) love like blink-182, Alice Cooper, Niall Horan, Green Day, and EDM’s own Steve Aoki.

As you’d expect, much of the tweets are in mean spirit and can get downright insulting if you don’t have a thick skin about you. Tweets often make reference to body parts, like penises, vaginas, and balls, and even Aoki isn’t immune from the ridicule.

@JareddP94 said, “used anti frizz shampoo on my pubes and now my penis looks like steve aoki…”

Not really sure how to feel about that, Jared. TMI? Just enough? Who knows.

Check out the whole hilarious segment below.


Photo via Rukes.com