Being patient can be painfully hard. When your favorite artist rarely releases new music, however, you have to learn to be content with waiting… Especially if you’re a fan of Favright.

Favright first emerged back in 2013 and quickly rose to prominence, gaining exposure through Monstercat and Tasty Records. In the blink of an eye, Favright managed to establish a dedicated fanbase and become one of Australia’s hottest electro house producers.

Despite his successes, Favright fell completely off the map after his 2014 single “Taking Over” ran its course. Why exactly Favright went dark has remained a mystery through the years, but it can most likely be attributed to his unrealistically high self-standards as a producer. No matter what the reasoning behind it was, we’ve undoubtedly been missing his music a lot.

Today, though, Favright’s hiatus officially came to an end with a little song called “Deep City.” While he could have used this opportunity to showcase a total rebrand and change in sound, Favright chose to do something a little unexpected: stick to familiar territory.

“Deep City” calls back to the bouncy brand of electro that Favright was doing before he even started working with Monstercat. The track doesn’t seem to concern itself with using a more contemporary sound to capture a commercial audience, it – rather – intentionally acts as fan-service for Favright’s devotees that have patiently waited through these last four years… “Deep City” ultimately ends up being as nostalgic as it is groovy.

The release of “Deep City” also marks the birth of Squid Cartel, Favright’s collaborative label with his good friend & fellow Monstercat alumnus PIXL. PIXL’s first original in a full year – the massively fun future house track “Octofunk” – was also released via Squid Cartel to commemorate the occasion.

We are very excited to see what the future holds for PIXL & Favright and wish them the best of luck with their new label!