As we move into the third day of the Datsik fallout, more and more information continues to seep out from all corners of the internet. Not including the accounts from women across the country on Twitter, certain aspects of Datsik’s own brand have been called into question. This includes the “struggle snuggle” tweet from 2011, and his song “Too Late To Say No” which was released in 2013.

Rolling Stone premiered the video, in which Datsik attempts rapping himself for the first time on a recorded track. “I never really used my own vocals over one of my tracks. So on that song, I’m actually the one rapping over it,” he told Rolling Stone. “That was definitely a different experience for me, but I also learned quite a bit on how to make my voice sound good and not make it sound so much like me.”

It’s curious how Rolling Stone didn’t pick up on the lyrics, as they’re generally explicit, but hindsight is 20/20 and the events of the past few days certainly shine a different light on the words he speaks.

It’s getting late but the night is young
Were still lit, we can see the sun
Just keep it drippin’, keep it fun
Yeah, keep it flipped and get it done
Just follow the bottle, take you there
Snuck in the house with a full blank stare
Nowhere to go so you go with the flow
Too early to stop but too late to say no

Now bounce
Get the fuck out

Datsik isn’t the first person to rap or even sing about sexual assault, but he finds himself in a much smaller cross section of people who have rapped about sexual assault and have been accused of it.

As recently as two months ago, fans were commenting on the track saying things like, “Miss the old datsik !!!” and “i like the heavy stuff more but this is cool. its enough to make make me say its datsik!” However, beginning yesterday, the tone changes dramatically.

“guess this song didn’t age too well..”
“Dude spoke this song into existence”
“speaks for itself really”

Listen and watch the song below.