UPDATE: The song on Datsik’s profile has been confirmed illegitimate. It is an instrumental of a 2012 track by RUFF NECK called “Rain Man.” We’re still investigating how the song ended up on Datsik’s profile in the first place.

Following all of the events surrounding Datsik these past 60 hours, you might expect him to lay low for a bit. His Twitter has already been made private, and aside from a statement yesterday on his Facebook, there have been no additional posts to any of his social media profiles.

And yet, a new song appeared on his Apple Music profile entitled “Sorry.”

It would be foolish to upload new music, especially with a price tag, in this charged climate, so that brings up questions of the track’s legitimacy. The upload date is also March 14, Wednesday, when the allegations first started appearing. That means that either someone spoofed his account and uploaded a fake song, or it was legitimately him. Either answer seems equally ridiculous.

Currently, we’ve reached out to representatives of Apple Music to try and determine the legitimacy of the upload. You can hear it below or grab it here.