In December last year, Polish DJ Tom Swoon was under the influence of alcohol while driving and was involved in the fatal accident that claimed the life of one person and sent another to the hospital. His blood-alcohol level at the time was measured at 2 permile (0.2%), above the legal limit in Poland. Swoon was taken to prison to sober up, and formally arrested at the request of prosecutors who deemed him a flight risk.

Now, prosecutor Hubert Kołtuniak has filed a motion to extend Swoon’s detainment until the investigation can be finalized, giving them more evidence in the coming trial. Swoon faces 12 years in prison if found guilty.

Swoon was driving a VW Scirocco when he collided with a woman driving a VW Bora. According to reports, the Bora was switching lanes when Swoon collided with the car, killing the passenger, and sending the driver to the hospital.


via Radio Szczecin

Update: An older version of this article incorrectly determined his blood alcohol level at 2 parts per million. It has been corrected.