When you’re in charge of as many things as Elon Musk, maybe the fact that your companies have Facebook pages eludes you. In fact, for Musk, it definitely did… when called upon to delete his SpaceX Facebook page in light of the recent #deletefacebook movement, his response was “I didn’t realize there was one.”

Musk has since deleted the SpaceX Facebook page, his own Facebook, and the Tesla Facebook page.

The #deletefacebook movement is in response to the recent “revelation” that Cambridge Analytica acquired data on 50 million Facebook users. Much of this data is suspected to be of friends of friends who did not consent to their data being mined.

Others to join the movement include: Brian Acton, a co-founder of WhatsApp; celebrities and entertainers Cher and Jim Carrey; as well as brands like Sonos and Mozilla.


H/T Tech Crunch