Zedd has always been an Earth lover. He promoted his 2015 album True Colors by taking fans to places like a desert near Joshua Tree and a cavern in Texas. His album artwork and live show production have always emphasized the Earth and aspects of the environment, as well. Now, Zedd has taken it a step further and linked up with National Geographic for a true love letter to our planet.

National Geographic launched the new show One Strange Rock yesterday, which tells the story of planet Earth through psychedelic and beautiful imagery. To help promote One Strange Rock, Nat Geo enlisted help from Zedd to compose a theme just for the show. Zedd’s titular theme appeared in a promotional video for the show, the first video in a series of four that will chronicle Zedd’s journey of composing the theme. The next entries in the video series will feature an interview between Zedd and astronaut Leland Melvin, an intimate look into Zedd’s studio as he creates the theme and a live performance of the theme using state-of-the-art technology. The full video series will release on Zedd’s Vevo account on April 6.

Produced by esteemed filmmakers Darren Aronofsky and Jane Root and hosted by Will Smith, One Strange Rock is the perfect show for Zedd to flex his more classical production muscles. Check out the video featuring Zedd’s One Strange Rock theme below:


Cover Image: Rukes