SoundCloud creators now have even more power over their uploads, as the music streaming platform has introduced a scheduling option to its user-friendly interface.

Want to make your new mix available from the moment you finish your set? Have a podcast that releases at a specific day and time each week? Want to keep proper track of uploads while traveling between different time zones? These are all reasons for using SoundCloud’s new scheduling system, out today for Pro Unlimited subscribers.

With this new feature, creators can upload and schedule content with ease, which allows for more control and convenience. Once scheduled, a track will instantaneously become available at the exact day/time chosen by the user. Plus, the track will push to followers’ feeds and locate itself at the top of the uploader’s profile for easy access.

The “scheduled releases” feature is available exclusively to Pro Unlimited subscribers beginning today on the web. To learn more about Pro Unlimited, visit

If you have any questions about how to use the new SoundCloud scheduling feature, check this out.