Martin Garrix is gearing up for his second release of 2018, and fans will be happy to learn that this one will be pure, explosive dance music – no pop here. “Like I Do” with David Guetta was definitely one of the favorites to play at Ultra Music Festival for its unadulterated happy energy, but this new one with Loopers has us even more excited.

The ID, now confirmed to be “Game Over,” was first premiered at Tomorrowland last year all the way back in June. Garrix is known to hang onto tracks for a while, until fans are practically begging for them to be released, so this one comes as a welcome release.

Garrix posted on Instagram this morning that the collaboration was finally finished, and that it would be releasing “VERY soon.” This means we’ll probably get the track in the next couple weeks! So keep an eye on Martin Garrix and Loopers, we’ll know soon enough when this one is dropping.

Martin Garrix & Loopers – Game Over [Teaser]