When Phoenix Lights hit us up to partner on an exclusive playlist with one of the artists playing their festival, we took a good look at the lineup. Joyrdye? Definitely. KRANE? Of course. Oshi? Ray Volpe? Seven Lions? All great choices. But we wanted to go slightly off the beaten path, and we’re glad we did.

In the end, we chose to call upon Brownies & Lemonade events producer Chad Kenney for his stellar curative abilities and he’s come back with a powerful and varied playlist that hits every craving. Tracks from CRAY, Ekali & Zhu, Party Favor & Baauer, Robotaki, Whethan, and more are found below.

And we wouldn’t blame you if you read into the playlist a bit and guessed who you could expect at their secret guests afterparty… Check it out below, with commentary from Kenney on each track.

Tickets for Phoenix Lights this weekend are still available here.

01. KRANE – Chemical ft. Ahsha & Lemay (Hex Cougar Remix)

Krane is a good friend of ours and will be performing at Phoenix Lights as well, he just dropped a stellar remix package and this Hex Cougar remix is that perfect combination of brooding, dark elements with a peak hour festival feel

02. The Weeknd – Wasted Times

The new Weeknd release harkons back to a lot of his earlier material, but with the added production of such electronic figures as Daft Punk, Gesaffelstein, and Skrillex, who lent his talents to this track, and it’s really beautiful.

03. Party Favor & Baauer – MDR

This track is an absolute club smasher, pretty sure when they were creating it they had zero intentions of holding back. Expect to hear this once or twice at the festival.

04. Ekali & ZHU – Blame (NGHTMRE Remix)

Ekali played our stage at Ultra a few weeks back and he dropped this remix at one of the highest points of the set, it was a huge moment for all of us and this song takes me back there.

05. CRAY – Lotus

One of our favorite up-and-coming artists at the moment is CRAY, she’s joined us at shows in Tokyo, Miami, and SF as of late. This is the song she’s best known for and it’s great to chill out to, she’s also got some great new music on the way.

06. Snakehips – Cruzin’ (ft. St Rulez)

This is a personal pick as Snakehips is hands down one of my favorite artists at the moment. Their brand of feel-good hip-hop is infectious and this song just makes me feel summertime joy every time I press play.

07. Wuki – Chop It (ft. Bri Berlay)

We are really big fans of Wuki and all the moves he’s been making in the last year, he’s been everywhere with us recently and will also be performing at this year’s Phoenix Lights. You have to see his set to really grasp how much energy the man puts into his craft.

08. Whethan – Be Like You (ft. Broods)

You’d be hard-pressed to find an artist with more potential than Whethan, but it’d be even harder to find someone who has harnessed that potential any better. Whethan is a pop-superstar in the making and this song is indicative of that.

09. Robotaki – Automation

I play video games in my downtime, and when I’m on PS4 I usually throw on Spotify playlists in-app. ‘Automation’ by Robotaki is one of those tracks that gets me in a gaming mindset and I set my high-score in Puyo Puyo Tetris to it lol

10. What So Not & San Holo – If You Only Knew

What So Not’s LP Not All The Beautiful Things might go down as one of the best releases of 2018 and is my current go-to listening when we’re traveling to shows. I picked this one cause it has amazing energy and I love San Holo, but every track on this album deserves attention.