Family of the Year is a quickly growing indie rock band with a phenomenal sound about them, so it’s no surprise that they’d get in on the remix game early on. In particular, their song “Hold Me Down” is doing well on streaming services so they’ve enlisted the help of New Jersey-born producer Gazzo to give it that little extra something special.

“Hold Me Down” is most starkly characterized by the soft and serene vocals from FOTY lead singer Joseph Keefe, so when Gazzo heard those, he “knew exactly what kind of vibe I wanted to do for this one,” he said.

“There were certain parts of the original track I wanted to highlight and beef up so I started there. For the drop I messed around with some guitars and basses to get the perfect lead sound instead of synths. It was honestly so much fun to make.”

As fun as it was to make, it’s just as fun to listen to. The new, bouncier rhythm is definitely more fit for a dancefloor than the original, that’s for sure. Check it out below!