You might have heard Jauz premiere this collaboration with DJ Snake at Ultra – and if you did, I’m envious of you. “Gassed Up,” effortlessly, could be one of the top rave anthems of 2018. Hitting on a staggering chimera of bass house and hardcore, this track is ravey to the max and is capable of making even the most reticent curmudgeon move his feet.

“Gassed Up” is easily faster than you normal bass house tune, and it’s missing the usual synth characteristics of traditional hardcore or faster BPM dance music. The middle ground Jauz has found with the Parisian superstar DJ is nothing short of genius. I’ve literally had this on repeat since yesterday.

With “Gassed Up” and “In The Zone” already paving the way for Jauz’s debut album, and a suspected Knife Party collaboration also lurking in the shadows, to say that we’re excited is a gross understatement.

Check out “Gassed Up” below!


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