We know April Fool’s passed a few weeks ago, but we swear this headline isn’t a prank. Yes, according to a TMZ report, Calvin Harris is being sued after allegedly leasing his mansion to a blind man.

The headline may read like something straight out of the Not the Onion subreddit, but the TMZ story details the lawsuit. Harry Moscatel, the blind man bringing the lawsuit forward, alleges Harris subleased his mansion in the Hollywood Hills to him last year. The lawsuit notes the sublease cost Moscatel $35,000 a month, including a $70,000 security deposit.

Despite the fancy digs, Moscatel’s attorney told TMZ the mansion had no hot water, a broken sound system and broken doors and heating issues. His attorney also argues the lease agreement was invalid because Moscatel is protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act due to his blindness. Moscatel and his family have since left Harris’ mansion.

Moscatel’s lawsuit aims to make the sublease null and void, and Moscatel is prepared to also sue Harris to receive a partial refund for the rent and security deposit. A rep for Harris told TMZ  the following:

“The claims filed against Calvin Harris are absurd and without merit. We are confident that the Court will dismiss the frivolous lawsuit.”

It remains to be seen what comes of this lawsuit, but we do know Harris listed his mansion for sale in January 2016. Coincidence?

Photo Credit: Rukes