Jauz just shared one of the earliest tracks he ever produced and the first bootlegged remix he ever made. This one, a “Seek Bromance” remix from 2011, goes out to none other than Avicii.

Along with the long lost track’s upload, Jauz shared what this means to him: This is one of the first songs I ever made when I started making music, and probably the first remix I ever did. It took a while of scouring the internet to find it again but I thought that with Tim’s passing it would be cool to share this as an homage to how much his music has influenced me for so many years. 

He continued: Thinking about re-making this but for now I thought it would be cool for producers who are just starting out to hear what “Jauz” sounded like in 2011, and maybe inspire them by showing that everyone starts off at ground zero and has to work their way to perfecting their craft.

The song screams 2011 and even years before the producer had mastered his sound — this “Seek Bromance” remix of Avicii’s vocal edit screams “Jauz,” too. Just wait for the drop. Take a trip down memory lane and let the nostalgia waft over you as the producer remembers a true legend that inspired his career in a heavy way.

Rest in Peace Tim, thanks for the inspiration and the memories, he added.

Seek Bromance – Sam’s Remix from 2011


Photo via Rukes.com