Always be careful what you say on the internet, and especially how you say it, because the internet lasts forever.

Yesterday, we praised Starkillers for putting out an entire album of unreleased, Avicii-produced music that brought tears to our eyes and filled our hearts just a little bit more. Today, we’re taking a step back and re-examining the circumstances behind the release and Starkillers’ own reasoning behind why now.

Tegi shared a pair of screenshots of a private conversation with Starkillers on Twitter; it’s unclear if Tegi was the one messaging, but Starkillers’ responses remain as salient either way.

Starkillers’ own history with Avicii and his management aside, it seems Avicii’s death opened the doors for the album to be released due to some provision in a contract, though that’s purely speculation without such a contract in front of us. Regardless, when approached about the release, he responded with hostility and that never comes off good without context.

This morning, he accused Tegi of only trying to twist his answers – each accused the other of only seeking clout, but in the end, the music will speak for itself and will live on beyond Starkillers’ actions or Tegi’s accusations.

Tegi & Starkillers on Twitter

You can listen to the albumĀ Killers & Rockers, with production from Avicii, below.