It’s been a hot minute since Skrillex and Poo Bear released one of the biggest electronic tracks of 2017 with “Would You Ever” — and here with a fresh new version we have another OWSLA regular, Team EZY in the mix!

The original track completely redefined what we’ve come to know about Skrillex as an artist, as he drastically switched up his bass heavy sound. It was unexpected for sure, but once the initial shock factor was over “Would You Ever” made so much sense.

Skrilly proved yet again his ability to evolve and break the mold. Which, are just some of the reasons why he’s such a great producer. Needless to say, remixing one of his tracks to such perfection is no easy feat.

Snap to now and Team EZY has put his own twist on the track. The full lyrical spread and musical concept is still there, but this remix rocks a different vibe. The OWSLA all star’s added drum patterns keep it interesting as he adds extra depth, extra layers to the production. Overall, the remixing is subtle, but it’s just the right amount to make this one of our new favorite songs.

Listen to Team EZY’s take on “Would You Ever” right here! We can’t get enough!

Skrillex & Poo Bear – Would You Ever (Team EZY Remix)


Photo Credit: Jas Davis