Most people who go to music festivals want to have fun, plain and simple. Unfortunately, some people go to music festivals to steal phones. It’s a very common problem, particularly at a festival as massive as Coachella. Last year’s festival had problems with phone thieves both weekends, and this year seemed to have the same problems. Thankfully, some Coachella attendees brought swift justice to a certain thief.

During weekend two of Coachella, a man went around the festival stealing phones and wallets. A tweet from an attendee called the thief out, describing his appearance and saying he was at the Do LaB stage. Then, a group of attendees found the thief and took matters into their own hands. Using a health dose of vigilante justice, the group apprehended the thief until festival security arrived.

The thief was caught with reportedly more than 50 phones and wallets. One of the attendees who apprehended the thief talked about the experience on the Coachella subreddit:

“So i just wanted to say i hope everyone got their belongings back, im no hero or anything, just a normal guy who wouldn’t want that to happen to me so i did what i hope anyone else would do and restrain the thief until the proper authorities got there. Love the support though from everyone truly makes me feel good for what i did. But yeah not expecting a gofund me or free tickets, just maybe a beer and a follow on IG! Lol and yes it was me i posted about it on my story last night. And yes he was detained for his crime! Stay safe and lets enjoy the last day of chella 2018! IG: deejayrivas”

Perhaps Djrivas1993 can become Coachella’s Batman? Either way, we’re happy to see this story conclude with a happy ending.


Cover Photo: Andrew Jorgensen