Illenium is getting some much deserved recognition for one of the most amazing tracks he’s ever written. “Crawl Outta Love” has been awarded the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) grand prize, which is one of the most prestigious honors for songwriters.

Bragging rights are split four ways, between Nick Miller (Illenium), vocalist Annika Wells, Kate Morgan and Michael Biancaniello. Their melodic track from the producer’s sophomore release Awake is one of the most emotional and hard hitting of the entire album.

Illenium has revealed to Forbes: “one of my favorite parts is in the second drop when it goes into a fake drop. Playing that out to a huge crowd is one of the most incredible feelings ever.”

If you’ve been to an Illenium show, then you know exactly what he’s talking about. Nothing hits quite like “Crawl Outta Love” does. Not to mention the song’s lyrics, which will sucker punch you right in the feels every time.

Other International Songwriting Competition winners include Lemon Fight with “Stronger” featuring Jessica Reynoso in second place and Kendra Erika with “Under My Skin” rounding out the top three.

Well deserved, Illenium!

Illenium – Crawl Outta Love (feat. Annika Wells)


Photo by The Holy Mountain for Insomniac