Thoreau is an artist I’ve been keeping a loose eye on in 2018, and you should be too. Thanks to a creative reimagining of Drake’s “God’s Plan” and a plethora of well-produced originals, Thoreau is on a number of radars. It’s thanks to this that we’ve gotten the premiere of his new song “Escape Plan,” out today.

What exactly is he escaping from? Well, we can exclusively announce that this is Thoreau’s last electronic track before he goes the hip hop production route. What will that sound like? Even we don’t know. But he’s definitely going out with a bang.

Thoreau lends his own voice to “Escape Plan,” giving it that extra personal touch. Somber guitar chords meld with distorted vocals and metaphorical lyrics to present a deeply self-reflective song that you wouldn’t immediately expect from how the track sounds. It might sound like Thoreau is singing about a girl he’s not really into and looking to get away from, but replace “girl” with “EDM,” and knowing his intention to move from dance music to hip hop, and it becomes a different song entirely.

Check out “Escape Plan” for yourself below!