Hayden James is most surely known for his breakout hit “Something About You,” but plenty of other songs from him have reached tens of millions of plays on Spotify, making him more than just a simple one-hit wonder. Today, he releases his new single “Just Friends” with Boy Matthews via Future Classic.

Right from the opening chords and vocal loop, you can tell that “Just Friends” is going to be stuck in your head for days. By the time you get to the melodic and bouncy drop, you already feel like you know the words and you’re singing along, bobbing your head, maybe swaying your hips… am I right?

By the second listen, you know the words by heart and you’re showing your friends the awesome new song you just found. But surprise, they’ve already discovered it, too.

“Just Friends” has just as much potential as any of Hayden James’ previous singles, perhaps even more. Check it out below via SoundCloud and Spotify.