This 1788-L and Blanke collaboration has been floating around in a couple sets for the past few weeks, but today it finally makes its grand appearance, achieving its “Destiny.”

There are a lot of great things to point out when discussing “Destiny.” Like all 1788-L tracks, its intensity is relentless and the production peerless. It hits you with the force of a small wrecking ball, and we can imagine that force is amplified even further in enclosed spaces.

But as much as we love 1788-L’s style, people have begun to notice that it can tend to sound similar. That’s not a bad thing, when an artist has found a sound that works, but fans can be ruthless. So when 1788-L and Blanke switch it up in the middle of “Destiny,” we can’t help but be even more enamored with the style.

The wildly anthemic and melodic switch up is perhaps even more pleasing than the original first drop just because of its intense juxtaposition and difference. If 1788-L was going for maximum effect, it’s been achieved.

Check out “Destiny” below!

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