Yellow Claw just recently announced their third studio album, New Blood, and San Holo is working on an album of his own, so we’re not really sure where this collaboration will end up. That being said, “Summertime” is somewhat uncharacteristic of either artist individually, so we’re that much more surprised to see that this was the result of their time together in a studio.

“Summertime” breaks Yellow Claw’s trends, doing away with any semblance of rough or discordant synths, not to mention no “yellow motherfucking claw” in the break. As for San Holo, the track is pretty damn soft, even for his standards. Though, he still ends the track with a nearly minute-long guitar solo that has us deep in our feels.

Check out their new track together below! Yellow Claw’s album New Blood is out June 22, more information on San Holo’s album when we get it!

Yellow Claw & San Holo – Summertime


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