Splash House is back once again, and with it comes a variety of talented artists bringing their own unique flavor to the table. Not least of all will be Autograf, who have carved out a considerable niche for themselves in the dance music world, combining melodic beats with live instruments and a powerful live show.

Ahead of their performance at Splash House this year, we asked them to put together a playlist of songs they’re vibing at the moment, as well as ones they feel would satisfy the sun-soaked revelers this summer.

“Splash House is the hottest, wettest festival in North America and we love it so much. It feels like everyone’s VIP and there’s no backstage area so if you want to come say what’s up it’ll be super easy, we’ll be hanging in the pool.” – Autograf

Check out their exclusive playlist via Your EDM below! Find more info on the Splash House lineup and cool packages here.