Brand-new techno indie pop artist has an interesting style volley going in her first two singles, “Animals” and “Heart Shaped Hole.” The former conjures images of Bjork in a row with Tori Amos and a stick blender, while the latter, despite its visceral title, is jazzy, chilled out and of a more jazzy or trip hop register.

With both of her new singles, ALYA can definitely be compared to Tori Amos stylistically, especially with vocals and composition. “Heart Shaped Hole,” in fact, seems so similar to an Amos song it’s almost uncanny. The weirdness, the vocal range (although not as operatic) and the orchestral composition all go right down the line with the ’90s indie pioneer.

That said, ALYA certainly has her own style in terms of lyrical content and the base track on “Heart Shaped Hole,” which is more electronically-driven than anything Tori Amos has done. Another comparison with Bjork could be made there, but that’s not quite it either. “Animals” is also much more unique with a sort of indie pop-meets-industrial metal style. The orchestral composition is still there, however, and it’s clear that ALYA has her own unique spin on her style, incorporating multiple genres and eras. She clearly has the musical arrangement chops to back it up, so why not?

The video teaser for “Animals” also introduces audiences to ALYA’s unique aesthetic which, again, conjures images of Amos, Gaga, Bjork and even Florence and the Machine but with her own spin on it; something a bit more mythical but also electric. It seems like it’ll be a wild ride coming up with this artist.

It’s unclear from her first two highly diverse singles where ALYA will be going next with her music but she already has a highly polished and diverse style so the short answer is probably anywhere she wants. It will be interesting to see what kinds of surprises she has in store on upcoming releases and whether she will fold more electronica into her interesting sound.

The “Animals” and “Heart Shaped Hole” singles are out now and can be streamed on ALYA’s Soundcloud or on Spotify. They’re also available to purchase on a number of platforms by clicking here.