Nick Talos has just released his newest single, cementing his status as one of the slickest producer and musicians out there right now. He brings in a pop-influenced style for ‘Hey Gorgeous,’ a tune with vocal additions from Mitchl.

Having had a successful full year both with releases and DJ gigs, Talos snares the listener in straight away with this latest track. ‘Hey Gorgeous’ comes filled with charismatic melodies and an infectious pop energy. The artist says of it: “With ‘Hey Gorgeous’ I wanted to prove myself as a pop artist, moving away from the typical dance drop. The song was produced and written together with my friends in December, right before we were leaving for the Christmas holidays. It features the young talented singer Mitchl, whose voice gives the track the vulnerability it needed. Seeing as the lyrics talk about a sometimes painful situation – but a situation we’ve all experienced before, it’s very powerful to overcome this with the help of good friends.“

Listen below.