It’s always encouraging to see artists trying out new styles and crushing the game. Jayceeoh is most typically known for his trap bangers, but lately he’s been experimenting with new sounds, and has put out some future bass with HVRCRFT and Veela on “All I See,” out today.

Enlisting Veela is almost cheating, as her voice instantly makes any track better; that isn’t to say “All I See” is bad, if anything it just means Jayceeoh and HVRCRFT have impeccable taste in vocalists. For their own part, the song avoids relying too heavily on typical future bass conventions, switching up the tempo and employing some harder kicks than you’d normally hear in this kind of tune.

Veela questions again and again, “Are you gonna love me?” Well, if you were the one who showed me this track, chances are good. Check out “All I See” below, out now via Thrive Music.