It was a brisk spring morning, two days before Coachella, and people were beginning to stir. Suddenly, a man broke the silence: “Coachella… full awake crew performing with me Sunday plus adding some extra spice,” spoke Illenium. “Also premiering this illenium X said the sky X 1788-L VIP. FUCKING PUMPED.” Fans were shook.

The debut was as dramatic as you might expect, as the stage went dark and bright green lasers burst forth above the crowd, the glitchy and bass-heavy collaboration tearing into fans’ chests and souls. The combination of “Sound Of Walking Away” and “Where’d You Go,” plus new production from 1788-L ,was perhaps more than some people could take so late at night on the final day of the festival. Still, those who stayed were rewarded.

Today, that collaboration is finally available to listen to at your own discretion. Turns out, fans were only treated to one drop at Coachella; and while it’s certainly mind blowing, it gets even better after following the more minimalistic first drop.

A VIP collaboration such as this would normally stay as a DJ tool, so we’re extremely excited that this made a full release. You can check it out below and download it here.

Illenium, Said The Sky, 1788-L, Kerli – Sound Of Where’d U Go



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